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"Nicolai Enjoy Lifetime" -INTERVIEW

4 sharp to Nicolai:

What you are asked most about?
- Most people ask if I have a girlfriend. And I have not, I can tell. Otherwise there are many who are surprised that I am not higher in reality. But I am thus only 1.54 m.

Who is your idol?
- I like Michael Jackson because it is so special, what he's doing the music and dance. But Justin Timberlake is my biggest idol. He is so good at dancing, and so he makes it all alive.

What if you do not become a singer or dancer?
- Well, I'll be a policeman. I have always dreamed of.

What clothing style do you have?
- I really like G-Star, but I often mixing all sorts of things. One can not really count on my style. One day, I have a style, the next one completely different.

14-year-old Nicolai Kielstrup "Shaked" with his victory in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in as Danish children rapping No. 1 Here he tells about his weakness for ice cream and chocolate, on his fourth place finish at the European Song Contest and about suddenly becoming famous.
- I love ice cream and chocolate - and no, I do not have time to have a girlfriend.

The words belong Nicolai Kielstrup that unlike most other 14 - year-old has spent most of his week to do interviews and answering fan mail. With his fourth place finish at the European Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Belgium rapped himself in as Denmark currently hottest child star. So hot that chatroom'et on his newly launched website is overloaded and collapsed when he meets up with yet another interview at Claire Group's headquarters in Ikast.

- Yes, I have since gained many new fans the past week, both here in Denmark and Belgium. And I'd enjoy it as long as it lasts, it will respond bright boy voice that first burned through the eardrum by the victory in the Danish edition of Junior Eurovision Song Contest in September.

"Now I was just in 7.c again"
The characteristic bright lures bristle as usual out in the world. In his red hooded sweatshirt and gray armybukser with baggy he looks like what he is. Children's responses to the Joker and Justin Timberlake. It is barely a week ago, he went on stage in the Belgian town of Hasselt and pressed the hit "Shake, shake, shake" in front of 7,500 spectators and over 10 million television viewers across Europe.

- Now, I was just in 7.c and doing homework again, he laughs. But while the celebrity life with strobes, lir and MGP-fever again been replaced with everyday routines, so it's all still not quite like before. Far from actually.

- Recently I sat in a car at a crosswalk in Vejle. Some girls saw me and started screaming and jumping in front of the car. I'll just get used to, "says Nicolai.
- But I get the permission to do so many exciting things. I no longer think, "Aw now I'm in school" but "Aw now I'm in school.

- And yes, so I'm going to London afterwards, "he says and hits a high gavtyvelatter up so that the entire tooth row drawn up in a bow.

Lived like kings
Several months of intense preparations had gone before, when the plane with Nicolai and dancing girls on Monday 21st November pm. 12.00 finally slid along the runway at Brussels. Here were journalists and photographers from across Europe ready to receive the Danish children stars.

- There were plenty of foreign journalists, and the questions asked in English. So I had to try to answer them as best I could in English, and it went better and better gradually, says Nicolai with a wry smile.

From there he was and dancing girls, Camilla, Mellanie and Jytte driven to the newly built SAS Radisson hotel in the center of Hasselt. The best hotel in town - and probably also the most expensive, says Nicolai. And as the day progressed, the tension began to rise gradually in Dane room at the SAS Radisson. Already during the first tests show hall was filled to capacity with nearly 7,500 children jeering fans.

- I was very concentrated, but not as nervous as one might think. Actually I was more nervous before MGP'et Denmark. The important thing for both me and the girls were getting a really fun week in Belgium, he said.

Connect the signal was perfect
A little over at. 20.00 Friday evening it was so Nicolai's turn to take the stage in Hasselt. The samples were folded perfectly, now it was just about to rock, as Nicole puts it.

- Just before we go onstage, we'll always be our rallying cry, where we all stand up, ranging wildly in the buttocks, rows tongue to each other and looking as ugly as possible. There were a couple lydmænd who stood behind, as it seems so little strange, he says, while a grin sneaks between words. And then there was otherwise doomed show time. 154 centimeters tall Nicolai filled but not much on the huge stage.

- The scene was really big compared to what I have been accustomed to. So when I came to Belgium in the early weeks, I started to jog and do sit-ups, so I was in shape to run and dance around on stage, says Nicolai.
"Shake, Shake, Shake" which is about being shy with a cute girl, got the audience to explode into a cheering roar. And then suddenly it was all over. In under three minutes.

- There was only one chance to do well, we could not do it. So it was just an empty feeling, I stood behind. And then I was dead tired.

- Right after I was not completely satisfied, but now I think we did pretty well. Connect the signal was perfect, I hit the viewer right in the eye, he says.

Farewell to dreamland
Only two points separated Nicolai from the girls from Norway, who scored the third slot. Belarus and the ten-year-old Kseniya was the little big winner of the European Song Contest.

- On the very evening and afterwards the afterparty, I was just happy fourth. But now here some days is it a little bummer that I only lacked two points, he says.
After barely a week chic Nicolai from dreamland. A week of luxury hotels, tours, interviews, soda disco on weekdays wonderful Belgian chocolate, new friends and millions of viewers. Even in Australia were MGP-show was broadcast in prime time.

- Now it's just everyday life again, and I'm the same Nicolai as before. I have not changed personality, because I was famous, he stresses.
Even though of course there are many who really want to be friends with him now as he himself says.

- But I have learned much from it all. Among others to be more open and smiling. Also, when I shall write autograph No. 200 on its way down through the pedestrian zone in Vejle. The next month is the program to plenty of shows for Nicolai and co. Otherwise, the time is used to blow out and to have stage show in place of the four new tracks, as he and dancing girls have recorded a CD, to be presented at this summer's festivals. And a few jogs release Nicolai enough nor it will actually be hard to dance and sing four live tracks in a row in the spring, he assures.

- In Belgium, I lived on pizza, ice cream and chocolate. Although it might not go, I want to continue the style at home, he laughs.

Baby dance with me!
"Baby dance with me" - is the title of one of my new tracks from the new CD, the three winners - and it fits quite well for me. Because I love to dance. Dancing just makes everything even fatter. You become happy and at ease, while it is good exercise. My favorite thing is to put something nice music and just dance wildly. And now, after I won the Eurovision Song Contest, I have the opportunity both to rap and dance.
The thing about dance is not new to me. I have been dancing since I was 4 years when I started a dance school because my mom thinks it is important to dance. Back then I was interested not so much for dancing - but today I can see I've got a lot of stuff with me from my first year dancing. A good sense of rhythm, balance and an upright posture.
I became aware of breakdance and street dance, which I thought was the fattest. In a long time I cultivated both. Today, I dance, a mixture of several different styles.
I think that dancing gives me a lot of new energy, and it's fun to think of new steps. It is a very special experience when I'm out performing. It's a fantastic feeling to stand on stage and feel the roar of the crowd, it makes it even better when I am rapper in while. I love when applause roars up to a - you know, people like what you do. So this is how dance helps build your confidence.

I can only recommend other children and young people to go dancing. There are many forms of dance today. So it is just to get started - there's something for everyone.
Nicolai, winner of MGP

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