Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In 5 years...

Since Nicolai was little, always liked funk and hip hop music. Now, however, sing "slow" songs, but very beautiful -and in English-. Or songs with more pace but even so the rhythm of hip hop that characterized him, seems to have disappeared.

Anyway, Nicolai sure will surprise us soon with new songs!

Friday, October 22, 2010

I hurt my foot dancing "Diva Baby" Remix

Yesterday I was at home dancing "Diva Baby" in Remix and I went to take a leap and... Plaf! Down! I had one foot forward and one backward. I could not move my right foot. What was burning. (And of course I told Nicolai).

Today I woke up worse. I have something wrong with my foot, because I can not support it. It has given me a jerk and now I will go to the doctor.

I've found a message of "apology" from Nico. He says: "Sorry! :( Haha". Is clear that I don´t dance as Nicolai... I take better to jump and I get to write!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Figure It Out"

Look how beautiful song! and is in English! Nicolai is improving a lot, really... He is doing a very good job with his music. Do you like the voice that has in this song? is beautiful!

Friday, October 15, 2010


What will Denmark to be so pretty? According to a report, is the country better quality of life there. And no wonder! Danes are very hospitable and thankful to everyone.

Copenhagen is beautiful. We will delve into the lifestyle of the Danes: "Hygge" is a concept 100% Danish. The meaning is something between warm and comfortable, and the Danes that means spending time with family and friends. What will Denmark special? And... What will Nicolai´s lyrics I can not stop listening?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Shake, Shake" Remix

Look what I found! A new video of "Shake, Shake, Shake" in Remix! Which version do you prefer? To me this! is cool! Oh, I love when Nicolai says: "Boom! Shake, shake, shake, boom!" And when he throws in the air to catch the dancers? It's pretty cool!

Oh what nerve this guy has!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Justin Bieber - Nicolai Kielstrup

Justin Bieber's success has grown as if by magic in less than a year. His first single, "One Time" was what made this famous Canadian of 16 years. However, there are other young artists who have already participated in other programs like JESC, have not taken this leap to fame. Nicolai is the case. He has more albums and songs that Justin and for me his songs are better. Do you think that Bieber has been uploaded to fame in the head? One thing is certain: Nicolai answers your fans, whenever possible, but not Justin. It is impossible to write something on Twitter to answer you. And if we already have their address ... For me the two are good musicians, but each has its differences.

Why our favorite Danish isn´t known around the world? Well, one thing is certain: Nicolai is known throughout the country, and now I'm trying to make it known here in Spain

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Something similar...

Hey people! What´s up?

Not know about you, but have you noticed that Nicolai´s music resembles that of Justin Timberlake? Yes, yes it´s true. Nicolai has some songs similar to Justin Timberlake. For example, these: "Carry Out" - "Superstar" or "SexyBack" - "Dig og Mig".

This is not to say anything bad about Nicolai and Justin, much less! I'm just saying that look very much in rhythm. But, of course, if Nicolai likes the music of his favourte artist, his songs have something, right? ;)

In an interview, our loved singer said that he was seeking his own style -encourage, Nico!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

"Diva Baby"

This is the new song of our beloved Nico. I am crazy with this song! Can´t stop dancing! -and listening-. And best of all, it´s in English! Listen, because this young Danish promises...

I put "Diva Baby" in Danish, too. Hope you enjoy it!

PS: Follow Nicolai Kielstrup at Facebook and Twitter and visit his official website:

Friday, October 8, 2010

"Ryst Det Af Dig"

3... 2... 1... Go! Let´s move our body with this "Ryst Det Af Dig"! It makes you move very start of the song. Where will this boy so much energy?

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Here it is another video of Nicolai in a concert with his song "Dangerous" -my favourite song!-. Hope you like it :-)

What I like the most is the energy that he transmitted to all. What a way to dance and entertain the people!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Shake, Shake, Shake"

Here I put a video of Nicolai on his first performance in JESC. We can see that he is little, but that does not stop dancing! Look how he moves! A few steps incredible! If I did that...

Monday, October 4, 2010

4th October

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICOLAI!!! Hope you have a nice day and enjoy with your friends and family. Continues to make us enjoy your music. From here I send you a big huge.

Here I put two photos of Nico. One when he was young and one now. Although the years pass, it will always be the same restless, friendly guy ever!



Sunday, October 3, 2010

Biography about Nicolai

Nicolai Kielstrup is only 18 yet his CV is already very long. In the few years that have passed since winning the Danish Junior European Song Contest in 2005, a lot has happened. Nicolai has gone from one success to another. Among other things, he has released 3 albums and given countless concerts with his talented troupe of dancers and musicians in and around Denmark.

Nico’s music and dance career started for real when he won the Danish European Song Contest, but dance training started much earlier. Already when Nico was 4 he showed great interest in dance - hip hop, street, breakdance and funk. When Nico was 10 he was accepted for the Legoland Show Academy where he developed his dance and drama for 2 years. Here the young charmer also started singing and developing his voice.

After his graduation from Legoland Show Academy Nico was ready for much more. He decided to take the chance and wrote a song for the Junior ESC. His song was accepted, one of 10 out of thousands, and with 3 female backup dancers he appeared in the TV show with the song "Shake, Shake, Shake". He won the competition and his career was set in express motion from that evening.

Now, he has released "Diva Baby" and he sings more in English. All his songs are:


1 .Kom med mig

2. Vokseværk

3. Den Jeg Er

4. Når du danser for mig

5. Drømmepigen

6. Mit Mye Move

7. Tro på dig selv

8. Magi

9. Here end din ven

10. Hvad nu hvis

11. Luk mig ind

12. Shake Shake Shake (remix)

Stage 2

01 Giv Mig Tid

02 Dangerous

03 Lær Mig Hvordan

04 Du Er En Stjerne

05 Solen Går Ned

06 Det Jeg Lever For

07 Nu Forstaar Jeg

08 Så Magisk

09 Det' Allright

10 Ryst Det Af Dig

11 Et Nyt Kapitel

Deja Vu (Tilbage Til Mig)

01 Tilbage Til Mig

02 7 Heaven Eleven

03 Diva Baby

04 Nogle Tårer Tørrer Aldrig

05 Dig Og Mig

06 For Sent Nu

07 Super Star

08 Du Lever Kun En Gang

09 Amazing

10 Ka' lk Gi' Mig Mer'

11 Diva Baby (english)