Saturday, April 9, 2011

Origin and Meaning of Nicolai

Numerology name analysis Nicolai:

Male name of Russian origin. Victory of the people.

Emotive Nature:
Intense emotional nature. It manifests in artistic expression, the things of honor and humor. Love the color, proportions and in good spirits. Like to feel complimented.

Nature Expressive:
Is adaptable. Bravely expressed at any level. Gentle, lively and friendly. Love what is beyond the surface of the beings and things.

Natural talent:
It's mind-sighted thinking. Is expressed as a practical thinker, who plans big and the plan is served simultaneously encoding and demolition. Receives increase in companies that require organized effort methods. His mind is much more forward the more extensive the company. Love important thing, which takes time and work over time.
Could excel in professions such as efficiency expert, industrial, executive editorial editor or critic, businessman, public servant, banker, translator.

Lucky Number: 7

Well, looks like it has been successful in many things with Nicolai, right?

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