Monday, July 25, 2011

Nicolai fakers

There are many fakers of Nicolai on Facebook, you know. And I just want to say that all of you ADD THE REAL NICOLAI KIELSTRUP. To know if Nicolai is real or fake, just go to his official website and go down, where there some links of Facebook. THOSE are the original profiles of Nicolai.

Another way to recognise Nicolai is for his profile photo. He always has the same in all his profiles, ok? And the way of writing and stuff it's also another way to know it. Never believe to all fakers who write things like: "Hi, I'm nicolai kielstrup... from vejle. This is my verified account"... That is totally FAKE!

For example, you can add Nicolai here: (he's the real).

Accounts like this it's fake:

"Hi, i'm nicolai. i'm from vejle and i love all my fans and friends!
This is my verified account √
100% x 100% real!
add me and i'll speak with you :)

***** IMPORTANT *****

Facebook has closed Nicolai's accounts to avoid the fakers. Now, if you want to be in contact with him, you must go to his official facebook page:!/pages/Nicolai-Kielstrup/20740836784

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