Monday, August 22, 2011

Rasmus Sebach reuses part of Nicolai’s song in his new single

A new interview!

Rasmus seebach has reused his music in its new single from a song, he wrote to the then 13-year-old MGP-winner Nicolai Kielstrup.

In 2006 Rasmus wrote, together with his brother namely songs to the winner of children's tune Grand Prix Nicolai Kielstrup, in what Seebach now he has reused to his new song.

-I am honored, that he still think it is fat, is the first from Nicolai Kielstrup, since tolls to hear what he thinks of Rasmus reusing.

- I have not spoken with Rasmus since he did my other plate (in 2007 red.), but there was good enough a few of the other TERRIFIC, who told me that he would use a little from my old numbers for its forthcoming albums. I think that just is fat.

Nicolai Kielstrup is, however unhappy with broadcasters. For while Sebach new song will undoubtedly be a great summerhit, there was not many people who Bother hear børnestjernen, since his song came out:

- It says a part of the industry. That, because I just was a barnestjerne, so that bother you not to play the radio. But now that the Rasmus user tune, then the sudden good enough. In the United States can be called Mr Justin Bieber and be huge, but in Denmark, you must be more than 25, before the bother take a serious.

Sebach have today busy trying to promote its new single in the country's radiostatioerne and had therefore not have time to say why he had chosen to reuse old tune. In a PAFS from his manager Nicolai Bundesen sounds However:

- THE PIECE OF TUNE(we red.) have I actually written for seven years ago, and it has hung in my spine ever since. There is not gone a week, where I do not have nynnet it. Tune is almost magic for me. I have always wanted to sing it, and suddenly it was meaningful, since I put my own words. I shall keep really much of song which goes now, it sounds via manager is spend from Rasmus seebach.

Nicolai Kielstrup hope that Seebachs re-use of his refrain can help to give him a little attention.

He was 13 years, since seebach wrote to him, today is he 19, has closed handelsskolen and are now with a new breakthrough:

- WHICH IS NOT AGREED any plate, but there will be a single at a time. I hope to be able to come to work further with seebach-The brothers a day.

Here are the two songs:

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