Sunday, October 3, 2010

Biography about Nicolai

Nicolai Kielstrup is only 18 yet his CV is already very long. In the few years that have passed since winning the Danish Junior European Song Contest in 2005, a lot has happened. Nicolai has gone from one success to another. Among other things, he has released 3 albums and given countless concerts with his talented troupe of dancers and musicians in and around Denmark.

Nico’s music and dance career started for real when he won the Danish European Song Contest, but dance training started much earlier. Already when Nico was 4 he showed great interest in dance - hip hop, street, breakdance and funk. When Nico was 10 he was accepted for the Legoland Show Academy where he developed his dance and drama for 2 years. Here the young charmer also started singing and developing his voice.

After his graduation from Legoland Show Academy Nico was ready for much more. He decided to take the chance and wrote a song for the Junior ESC. His song was accepted, one of 10 out of thousands, and with 3 female backup dancers he appeared in the TV show with the song "Shake, Shake, Shake". He won the competition and his career was set in express motion from that evening.

Now, he has released "Diva Baby" and he sings more in English. All his songs are:


1 .Kom med mig

2. Vokseværk

3. Den Jeg Er

4. Når du danser for mig

5. Drømmepigen

6. Mit Mye Move

7. Tro på dig selv

8. Magi

9. Here end din ven

10. Hvad nu hvis

11. Luk mig ind

12. Shake Shake Shake (remix)

Stage 2

01 Giv Mig Tid

02 Dangerous

03 Lær Mig Hvordan

04 Du Er En Stjerne

05 Solen Går Ned

06 Det Jeg Lever For

07 Nu Forstaar Jeg

08 Så Magisk

09 Det' Allright

10 Ryst Det Af Dig

11 Et Nyt Kapitel

Deja Vu (Tilbage Til Mig)

01 Tilbage Til Mig

02 7 Heaven Eleven

03 Diva Baby

04 Nogle Tårer Tørrer Aldrig

05 Dig Og Mig

06 For Sent Nu

07 Super Star

08 Du Lever Kun En Gang

09 Amazing

10 Ka' lk Gi' Mig Mer'

11 Diva Baby (english)

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