Monday, October 11, 2010

Justin Bieber - Nicolai Kielstrup

Justin Bieber's success has grown as if by magic in less than a year. His first single, "One Time" was what made this famous Canadian of 16 years. However, there are other young artists who have already participated in other programs like JESC, have not taken this leap to fame. Nicolai is the case. He has more albums and songs that Justin and for me his songs are better. Do you think that Bieber has been uploaded to fame in the head? One thing is certain: Nicolai answers your fans, whenever possible, but not Justin. It is impossible to write something on Twitter to answer you. And if we already have their address ... For me the two are good musicians, but each has its differences.

Why our favorite Danish isn´t known around the world? Well, one thing is certain: Nicolai is known throughout the country, and now I'm trying to make it known here in Spain

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