Thursday, February 17, 2011

-I've never had a serious relationship

Last interview in Starlounge:

It's six years ago, Nicolai Kielstrup won Eurovision with Shake - Shake - Shake! And a lot has happened since 2005 - both physically and musically.

- I've always liked to train and keep myself in shape. But it was only when I was 17-18 years that I began to train seriously. After I finished business school, I had more time to train, so now I train a half hour four or five times a week. And then I just focused on eating a lot of proteins. There is not a day where I do not get fish, eggs, chicken or meat in general, says Nicolai Kielstrup for Star Lounge.

He had recently had made a series of topless photos.

- It was not planned - we just tried to sack any of while I was bare-chested, said Nicolai, who has been very little attention to facebook because of the new pictures.

- It's funny that it can give so much attention. Already the first day many comments, says Nicolai, who has received about 60 comments from girls and over 150 statements from people that they like the picture.

But even though the trained singer has been popular among the girls since his breakthrough in MGP by 13-year-old, he has never had a serious relationship.

- I am single. I take it as it comes - I have no hurry. I've never had any serious, real sweetheart. I've probably just not met anyone where I've wanted it, he explains and elaborates.

- It's that with - in the past have been easy to score because it has been known. It makes one think of what people's intentions are - if the girl wants to build a relationship with someone because they are known. I have been very good at getting into a distance which explains the former MGP-star who has made three albums since he won the Danish Eurovision Song Contest in 2005.

- The first album went platinum and the other two went gold.

But even though he already has seen success as a musician, he finds the transition from child star to adult singer challenging. Especially because he has become known as the boy who won the Eurovision Song Contest.

- I want to prove that I'm more than just an MGP-artist - the fact I can follow when you have to make the jump up and be among the adults. I assume full responsibility for my participation in MGP. But it also puts a lot in the crib, "says the 19-year Jute, which over the years has changed its style.

- The style has changed along with that I'm older. When I was 13, I made music for what I thought was cool. I would describe my style now as little more raw. But I do still pop music - it's not that I changed the genre.

Now he just hopes that he can not shake the image of MGP-Nicolai off and instead prove that he belongs among the music industry heavy, adult boys.

- In Denmark, a little stuck when you become known in a talent show as MGP. But abroad is a program that Disney Channel much better to develop stars worldwide. I just want to prove that I can get out of a children's show and deliver.

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