Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nicolai Kielstrup: "I just try to always be true to who I am"

Nicolai has offered to answer some questions, like an "interview" for this blog -the one and official site for him and all the fans!

Patricia: Hello Nicolai, thank you very much for doing this interview! Which of your songs is the one you love to sing?

Nicolai: I love to sing all my songs!

Patricia: What do you think of first, lyrics or music?

Nicolai: Music first - then a theme and finally the words.

Patricia: "Nogle Tårer Tørrer Aldrig" seems to me a very personal song. Have you suffered for love? (I thought this song was about one love of him, sorry).

Nicolai: I wrote the song "Nogle Tårer Tørrer Aldrig" after my Grandfather died.

Patricia: Your fans let you sing or they make a scene?

Nicolai: My fans are very active during my concerts -they are so fantastic to perform for. They give my performances extra life.

Patricia: What do you do on a normal day?

Nicolai: I go to the gym - check Facebook for birthday and mail - work on new songs -in the studio - train my voice ect, ect.

Patricia: Why are you always smiling? Is is to do better in the photos?

Nicolai: Many of my fans complain that I NEVER smile in photos, haha. I just try to always be true to who I am... also in photos.

Patricia: Tell us a funny anecdote!

Nicolai: Hmm -I don´t really have any funny anecdotes -sorry!

Well that´s it all. Thank you very much again -I hope someday you come to Spain so that your fans can see you in concert!

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