Monday, November 8, 2010

Interview Nicolai JESC

Nicolai Kielstrup from Denmark has spoken to about his experience in Junior Eurovision and what he's been doing since JESC. In Hasselt he achieved 4th place with 121 points, and he did it performing in 2nd position - a known "unlucky" spot. Shake Shake Shake may have brought him to fame, but since then he's released three albums including Deja Vu: Tilbage til Mig, which is the most mature and professional to date.

Hello Nicolai, thank you for doing this interview! You were 14 years old when you entered MGP Nordic, when did you first become interested in performing?
I started dancing at the age of 4, and that progressed into singing.

Your song for Junior Eurovision – Shake Shake Shake, what made you decide to write it? Who helped you create it?
I had decided that I wanted to participate in the Danish Junior Eurovision so that is why I wrote the song. I wrote the text myself and had a bit of help with the music from a friend.

The choreography was very impressive in Hasselt, how much work went into your performance that night?
My dancers and I spent many many hours practising before the JESC. We trained several times a day up till the competition.

What was your favourite experience of the JESC, and what was your least favourite?
What I remember most is the fantastic experience it was to stand on that big stage in Hasselt. The great decorations and the thought that millions of TV viewers were watching. The whole trip was a huge experience for me.

Do you still keep in touch with any other contestants that you met in 2005? If so, who?
No, unfortunately I do not have contact with any of the participants from 2005.

What was the after party and other events like in Hasselt? Did the winner Kseniya seem happy? Did anyone seem sad?
I remember the after party as a fun time where everybody enjoyed themselves.

You received Denmark’s best ever placing – did you gain a certain level of fame after that?
I received a lot of attention in Denmark after my participation and many people remember me still :)

What did you think of Anne Gadegaard and COOL KIDS, the other Danish entries to JESC? Are you in touch with any of them?
I think they did very well - I still have contact with Anne Gadegaard.

Being neighbours so to speak, do you ever perform with Malin Reitan, Norway’s representative from ’05?
No, unfortunately I have never performed with Malin.

What were your favourite entries in 2005? And your favourite Junior ESC songs ever?
My favourite song in 2005 was the Dutch entry (Tess Gaerthe - Stupid).

Did you find Kseniya Sitnik of Belarus a good winner in 2005?
Yes indeed :)

Do you still watch JESC? What do you think of it in it’s current format, with the absence of most of Scandinavia, along with countries like Spain, UK etc.

The excitement of the competition was much greater for me when Denmark still participated in the international JESC.

In your opinion, is Junior Eurovision good for young singers? You would have been happy with your placing, but were some of the lower placed contestants upset after the voting?
I think everyone accepted it as the competition it is and accepted the voting they got. Though of course some got disappointed.

Can we expect to see you in the adult Eurovision? What are you doing with your music career these days? Do you have plans to release any more albums?
If someone invited me to participate in the adult Eurovision, I would consider it if the song was great. At the moment I'm trying to "create my own music style". As in my latest album "Dejavu Tilbage Til Mig - and in the song Diva Baby with my Music video and latest remix version. I hope to hit the Danish Club scene in the spring.

What are your hobbies, what do you do for fun?
I play golf and hang out with friends and family.

Random question - favourite holiday destination?

Is there anything you want to say to our readers? Do you have a website where they can follow you?
I hope that you will all check out my music and join me on Myspace - Twitter and Facebook
Love, Nicolai

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