Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Meet all the big MGP-stars at a tremendous show in Esbjerg Storcenter. The stars were also on tour in children autumn and took all by storm when they arrived. Now they are on the move again, and in a fleeting moment, the frame Esbjerg as blinking stars in the winter sky. MGP this year celebrates its 10-year anniversary with two amazing tours around the country. In Esbjerg Storcenter we hesitated not a moment when we got the chance to present a beautiful bouquet of stellar tracks for all music happy families in Esbjerg. We are super proud to present:


Nicolai Kielstrup who in 2005 sang for a great first place with the song "Shake, Shake, Shake". Subsequently, he was number 4 in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Belgium. He has released several albums: Nicolai (2006), Stage 2 (2007), Dejavu - Back To Me (2009).


PelleB who took the audience and her audience by storm when he hip-hop song "My Only" scored Toppoint by MGP-finals the 2009th PelleB is even crazy about all kinds of music, even classical music. He also says that he has been inspired by American underground music.


The Johansson, consisting of brothers Markus and Mattias Johansson. They made a clean sweep, scoring maximum points at Eurovision 2008 with antimoppe song "One for all, all for one". Sandra Monique, who finished 2 for MGP in 2008. She has since received 3 platinum albums and performed across the country with overwhelming success. She has particular known for the album "Believe in yourself".


Amalie, who won the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 with her beautiful dance number "The sun rises". Amalie dreams of someday could be on the Orange Stage. The energy she has, and it infects the whole game. WeMix who in 2006 sang in on third place with the song "Get your boogie on." They have since released an album together with SEB, which won the Eurovision Song Contest with "Rock out, and Foz'n's, who took second place with "Dreaming of you".

Please, if anyone goes to see Nicolai, do not forget to take photos or shoot video! I look forward to put both things here!

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