Friday, November 26, 2010

Interview with Nicolai Kielstrup

This is an interview three years ago -but I think is really good.

Nicolai won Eurovision two years ago with "Shake Shake Shake", and he's full speed ahead in his career. Today he is 16 years and publishes its second album "Stage 2" with lots of dancing, singing, rap, love and a message of being yourself.

When are you an adult? The issue is that many children and young people who made himself and his surroundings. And there is probably no clear answer. But the fact is that even if you've won a children's Eurovision Song Contest, known as MGP, you will not remain a child.

"We have tried to make an album that has some numbers that are so fat that they could be played on the radio. There is a tendency that can not play music created by children on the radio in Denmark. But in America you can still figure out how to take the very young artists seriously. Justin Timberlake, for example, was played by the very young. So did Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears", says Nicolai.

"They had started their career with a push in the right direction that adults played them on the radio. We should also be able to do at home, the sooner you get started, the better one can develop and become an accomplished artist", points out Nicolai.

It is what Nicolai wants to be. He works hard to become one. Since the MGP victory, he has been singing and dancing lessons. And he has his hands buried deep in the project and hearts, when a new CD becomes. "I'm even in favor of everything on the CD," reveals Nicolai. "The process occurred in the way that I've got a lot of tracks to listen to. Some long, some short. Some in just 30 seconds. I then selected 11 tracks from that had some beats that told me something. Then I suggested a theme for each beat, for example, unrequited love", says Nicolai.

The individual stories Nicolai inspired songwriter by typing keywords or small stories, as lyricist has written about and put in verse. "Song writer is very imaginative, and the result was exactly as I wanted it. It's fun to see how a little short story are changed when there is music. Without music it may seem tame, but the music gives an extra feeling. It works insanely fat. It really gets the text to flow", states Nicolai stuck.

Be yourself!

One text has Nicolai however even put more than his fingerprints on. It is the song "It's All Right". It is about that it's cool to say no and be themselves. "I walk in the ninth class now, and there we have some festivals where people drink themselves lame stiff and smoking cigarettes. And people do it most because the others do. It seems I'm not fat. In the song, which I have written much of himself, I say to my friend who behaves like he must resist it. He must be himself, because I think you should be", says Nicolai.

He has gone after making a very varied album, and succeeded. There are hot dance tunes, sensitive ballads, invasive rap and delicious, creamy pop sometimes. "It is a clear popplade, so I am obviously not in pure rock, but there is considerable variation, and this is deliberate. In addition, I sing a lot more like this CD than I did on the first. So I hope people can hear that something has happened and that I have developed. I hope people can hear that I am entitled to make this cd”.

The heart is with you!

The development has cost concentration, effort and lots of sweat in the room and sang on the dance floor. "The music is not my whole life, but I really like it. And it is unmitigated, what I do. When we start a project like this, I love practicing on it. It's not like writing an essay in school which may be good enough, but also often just something to be overcome. This is something I really strive for, and when I say: Yes!, Let's get going!"

But one thing is to make a CD. Another thing is to perform with numbers of a live audience. Again, feel Nicolai himself flying. "It's cool and funny that my hobby is something that comes in stores and can be purchased by anyone. But it is actually even cooler to occur. It is fantastic! Last summer I did 30-40 shows at various festivals and elsewhere. I hope to be allowed again this year. And next year...". Nicolai dreams and promises:

"As long as there is audience for what I do and as long as I think it's funny, I know."

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