Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Super Interview: Nicolai Kielstrup

Here you have another interview with Nicolai, who has taken me longer to translate because it was in Danish. Hope you enjoy!

Nicolai Kielstrup:

"I'm fine with giving others something of myself!"

When one has had its debut in the children's Eurovision Song Contest, you must fight extra hard to gain recognition for the skills and talents you have in singing, dancing and music. But Nicolai can not go on the negative tasters. He enjoys to be on stage every single time, and demand is so great that the girls are already queuing up to buy the new third CD, which will be ready in February.

Nicolai Kielstrup lacking either success or fans. The last three years, thousands of children and young people queuing to come to his concerts and buying his albums. Many may forget that a large part of the success is also due to hard work. Many hours of driving on the highways, as well as singing and dance classes, precedes the popular shows.

In the studio:

- You've postponed the release date to February 2009 for the new third CD. How's the work in the studio?

- It goes forward, but it's a big process, especially because this time I is itself even more with the songwriting part along with several others and want a little extra time. I listen to the music itself, like many others, for example, to get in a good mood. And if I have one of my quiet days, I often write my text presentations. Producer Lars Quang, who is known to have produced C21 and Unite. The music makes Lars and some young guys who call themselves the RNG.

Lyrically, the new CD reflect that again I was a little older. I move still ignore the stairs and into song the universe, and so many people would notice that my voice has been a little deeper. The fascinating thing about producing music is that you start in a 'space' without a sound and when you're done, there's a whole new song.

On the road

- How does the preparation when going out to perform?

- We are in fact many of the place: my dancers, my soundman, tour manager, photographer / webmaster and in the coming summer I hope to have my band with. I know my dancers really well and it gives me great comfort to have them on stage every time. So I know that the show related hangs together. I usually have my own soundman with, which is important, because he knows the music portion and out. My tour manager does all the practical planning before and during the show.

Phew, there is much to be planned! It starts several days before a show where my tour manager creates a schedule which are agreed who should be retrieved where and when we get in the place we should play.

So you need to make a setliste, in which songs we should play. It makes me, either alone or in cooperation with our soundman. On the day we get up early and pack the car and then around and collect all up to be with.

hen we're promoting at the venue shall we do and perhaps have sound check and otherwise we let up for the show. It is important for me to warm my voice up thoroughly with various exercises.

Before the show I will gather all the dancers and band around me and we all wish each other a good show. After the autograph sessions themselves or on their way home on the tour bus, there will be finally time to talk about how everything is gone.

The day after a show I admit like I am fairly burned out. Conversely, I am pretty good at relaxing when I have time for it - and one thing's for sure: the night before a show I always go to bed early and get a good night's sleep.

Faroe Islands:

- In the summer you performed in the Faroes for the first time at the Children's Festival in Torshavn. How signs the concert itself from those you are accustomed to do here at home?

- It was a fantastic experience! The biggest difference was probably the wild mood after the show where I had to be lifted down to autograph table to get to sign autographs, so many people had flocked together.

Afterwards the show we had to quickly jump into two taxis and drive back to the hotel. So there was a good time in it. A special experience, I think my dancers and I would remember. One day we decided that we wanted to look at nature and we had found a place where you could get out on a guided tour. We drove away in a rented car and the way we asked for directions, because it was a bit difficult to find. We came in on the right path and in the beginning, the road was narrow and twisted.

After a few hundred meters of driving, it appeared that the road twisted up into infinity. On one side was the mountain side and on the other, a deep abyss. There was no guard rails and the road was no wider than a bike path.

There was only one thing to do, it was impossible to turn, so we continued upward many kilometers. Eventually we came to a small plateau where there was a 'shed' - completely deserted and empty it was. There was a reference to a phone number you could call. We were still fresh to enjoy nature, but the driver, our tour manager, it seems that the landscape was too dangerous to shut us out in them. Because of the very steep hillsides, so we snuck lead us down again. The road was so narrow that one of my dancers sat with his head out of the side window and directed, so we did not get too close to the abyss! Yes, it was an exciting ride, and nature was fantastic!

The dreams and evolution

- You have had a rocket career for the last 3 years and is at the age of 17 years already, publish your third album. What has been the hardest thing about that things went so strongly?

- To accept that it sometimes is very hard work and uphill. It is very hard behind. But I'm fine with giving others something of myself." So I would not find myself well to pull me back in time.

I love the stand on the stage and fire the max of them and give my audience an experience. I work actually best when I'm busy and all my CDs have become at times when I've made a lot of shows.

- We all know of your great skills in singing and dancing, and especially your charming ability to lead you into your music when you perform. What do you think it takes before you throw yourself into some of the dreams you have previously mentioned, to acting, for example in a Danish movie?

- It would of course require that there is one with an offer to me about a movie role - but I actually feel I'm ready for it. I've got a basic education in drama and theater at LEGOLAND Show Academy where I was a student when I was younger. Unfortunately it is closed now.

The key for the next few years is to continue perfecting me with my dance, song and music and I hope that I can do my shows 'even bigger' - we operate namely that my band should be a regular part of the show in future.

Right here and now it is about my third CD. Although we have moved the release date to February, however, we already have a single release ready here in November. It's called 'It too late now' and about 'broken love "- it was also the one I played in Parken to Mini Zulu Rocks the 2008.

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